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Are You A Candidate For Chiropractic?

Are You A Candidate For Chiropractic?

spine_color_440pxOne of the biggest misconceptions about chiropractic care is that it is only beneficial or necessary when an individual is dealing with back pain, neck pain and headaches. While it is true that chiropractic can help all of these ailments, the power of chiropractic reaches far beyond just this.

Your brain is constantly controlling precisely the right amount of insulin, the perfect amount of stomach acid and correct dosage of adrenaline that is needed in the body. Your nervous system is consistently healing, mending, protecting and regulating all these functions of the body.

But, have you ever thought about what could happen if there was a disturbance in the communication line between the brain and the body? This happens far more readily than most realize because while this disturbance may not completely shut down communication, it certainly hinders it. Think about it, have you ever been driving on the highway when two lanes of traffic have been closed? While you will still get where you need to go, it very much slows the process and makes it far less efficient. This is exactly what can happen in the body.

Even the slightest pressure placed on a nerve in the spinal cord can cause problems. Did you know the pressure equaling the weight of a dime can alter nerve function up to 60%? For example, your stomach may not be telling your brain to release pancreatic enzymes or bile to correctly digest food and you may not even know it even though it is resulting in heart burn, bloating, and gas. Ask yourself, how often do you ever consider a break in the nerve pathway from the stomach to the brain being the cause of these troubles? These pressures are far more common than understood. And since the brain oversees all of the body’s functions, any single symptom an individual faces is likely directly or indirectly tied to pressure in the nervous system. So regardless of your pain or symptom, everyone should have his or her spine checked to make sure the brain can effectively talk to the body!

Below is a partial list of some conditions commonly helped with chiropractic care.



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