Meet the Doctor

Dr. Jeffrey Lawlor

Message from Dr. Lawlor:

“Chiropractic care has made such difference in my own life, so much so that it inspired me to become a chiropractor. Every day, I am privileged to have the opportunity to help others naturally regain and maintain their health by removing interference in the nervous system, allowing their bodies to heal and function properly. A common misconception is that chiropractic is only for back and neck pain. However, I strive to help my patients far beyond just pain because when you remove interference in the nervous system, the brain can communicate with the body at an optimal level and function at its maximum capacity. I have learned and witnessed that the body is an incredibly powerful creation that has the ability to do what it needs to do, provided there is no interference.. A fully functioning nervous system allows the body to adapt to its environment and correct imbalances that result in symptoms such as migraines, digestive disturbances, breathing difficulties, hormonal imbalances, low immunity, hypertension, poor athletic performance and much more. I have such an immense passion for what I do and I get excited everyday knowing I have the opportunity to help others with chiropractic.”

Professional Accomplishments


My first experience with chiropractic was when I was 8 years old after falling out of a tree house. I was experiencing some pelvic pain so my mom took me to our family chiropractor, Dr. Larry Troxell. Little did we know was that the doctor would alleviate more than just my pelvic pain. After falling, I had started having some terrible digestive issues but we did not know it was related to my pelvic problem. As the chiropractor adjusted me, my pelvic pain and the digestive troubles cleared. From then on, I had an interest in chiropractic and wondered how it helped others.

In high school, I was told by Dr. Troxell’s associate, Dr. Cale Banning to read a textbook on chiropractic philosophy, and that’s when my interest really caught on. I decided to do a work-study program with our family chiropractor. Watching Dr. Troxell substantially help patients with a variety of health conditions that I never thought would be possible to alleviate through chiropractic made an impression on me. Not only did it have an effect on me, but on my family as well. I have two older siblings who went on to be chiropractors before me, Dr. Joshua J. Lawlor and Dr. Carol J. Miller. They currently practice in Parkview and Dewitt, Iowa. Respectively, my brother and sister became important role models for me after Dr. Troxell passed away in 2007.

Upon my graduation from high school, I decided to take the fastest education route possible to become a chiropractor. I got my Bachelor of Science degree in three years and enrolled at Palmer College, the fountainhead of chiropractic. While getting my degree at Palmer, I became involved in a dedicated group of chiropractic students called the Troxell Intern Program. This is where I was really introduced to the Gonstead System of adjusting. Up until this point, I had thought all chiropractors adjusted the same way and there was no difference between them.

Through the Troxell Intern Program, my study and skill in the Gonstead method grew exponentially. During this time at Palmer College, I also attended a nutrition seminar presented by Standard Process, a whole food supplement company. At this seminar I met my wonderful wife Michelle. After grad school, I moved to the St. Louis region, where Michelle was from to open a practice of our own. Since then, St. Charles County has been a welcoming community to us. We are passionate about chiropractic and are eager to help serve our friends and community to experience better health naturally.


-Dr. Jeffrey T. Lawlor, D.C.

“Why I am a Doctor of Chiropractic:

Because I honor the inborn potential of everyone to be truly healthy. Because I desire to help the newborn, the aged, and those without hope. Because I choose to care for the patient with the disease, not the disease. Because I wish to assist rather than intrude; to free rather than control. Because I seek to correct the cause, not its effect. Because I know doctors do not heal, only the body can heal itself. Because I have been called to serve others. Because I want to make a difference. Because everyday I get to witness miracles. Because I know it is right.”